Hamfests Observations

Hamfests are always fun--and sometimes it is more fun to watch the attendees than it is to look at the same old overpriced junk and computer detritus on the tables!

Here are a few things that I have noticed that seem the gold standard for hamfest dress:

  • Long sleeve button up shirts with the tails out
  • Both a name tag and a ham hat so that no one can miss the call
  • Over a dozen pins and buttons of one sort or another applied to the hat
  • Shoes that look like they were worn out 20 years ago
  • Snappy vests holding two or more HT's with external mikes
  • At least two HT's, two cellphones, and a pager applied to a belt
  • Eyeglass frames that were ugly even when they were new 10 years ago
  • Belts with the person's name or call on it
  • A shirt pocket crammed to capacity with all manner of stuff
  • Knives or "pocket tools" worn on the belt
  • White socks
  • T shirts that are far too small for what they are trying to cover--usually combined with jeans that ride low on the waist because they cannot be pulled up any further
  • Hats with antenna's attached to them
  • Any sort of military clothing--especially camo gear and boonie hats
  • Hairstyles that do not involve the regular use of a comb or barber
  • Backpacks with large antenna's protruding out of them
  • Do not shave for 3 days before the hamfest
  • Do not brush your teeth for 2 days before the hamfest
  • If wearing eyeglasses, the frame must be bent or have some obvious repairwork

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